Icker Records Releases Elaborate Bungle’s Recording

Icker Records is excited to announce its most recent limited edition release on cassette (yes, we’re going retro!) featuring improvisation unit, Elaborate Bungle. Elaborate Bungle’s self-titled recording features Joanna Dane (voice, flute, banjo, theremin, diddley bow, and percussion), Tad Neuhaus (guitar, electronics, bass and banjo), and Matt Turner (electric cello). Elaborate Bungle’s improvisations are a concoction of Americana, Throbbing Gristle, Derek Bailey and a hodge-podge of additional styles and influences. Cassettes are 6 dollars(add 2.00$ for S&H). Each cover is individually and beautifully hand-crafted. For more info, contact us at TurnMatt@aol.com, and we’ll put these wonderful orange units in your hands in no time.DSC_0727

~ by turnmatt on October 4, 2013.

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