Icker Records Releases Elaborate Bungle’s Recording

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Icker Records is excited to announce its most recent limited edition release on cassette (yes, we’re going retro!) featuring improvisation unit, Elaborate Bungle. Elaborate Bungle’s self-titled recording features Joanna Dane (voice, flute, banjo, theremin, diddley bow, and percussion), Tad Neuhaus (guitar, electronics, bass and banjo), and Matt Turner (electric cello). Elaborate Bungle’s improvisations are a concoction of Americana, Throbbing Gristle, Derek Bailey and a hodge-podge of additional styles and influences. Cassettes are 6 dollars(add 2.00$ for S&H). Each cover is individually and beautifully hand-crafted. For more info, contact us at TurnMatt@aol.com, and we’ll put these wonderful orange units in your hands in no time.DSC_0727

THE STRAD’s review of “The Sweet Volcano”

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New review from Gapplegate Music Review

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STRINGS Magazine Review

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“Edgy and angular… but also surprisingly lyrical… imaginatively captures the boundless creative spirit of improvisational cello in the hands of a gifted artist.” – Greg Cahill, Strings magazine

Cedar Creek Radio reviews The Sweet Volcano

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“Authoritarian, boisterous, impetuous, exploratory, frequently cacophonous, this stark collection of improvisations effortlessly transcends genre and yet is consistently intimate and welcoming. This is a tone dialogue and the story Matt and Greg have to tell is compelling and urgent. The title track, divided into three parts, is a many hued swatch that oscillates between anxiety and inquisitiveness.”

– Jeff Messerman
Cedar Creek Radio

La Folia’s review of the Sweet Volcano

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Dark By Glance on YouTube

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Dark By Glance from The Sweet Volcano on YouTube